Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy Busy

We have been super busy here as usual. Lily had a grommet put in her left ear yesterday and her adenoids removed. Poor little poppet didn't cope too well. Shes OK today just a little drained..... she has to rest up for Sunday when she turns three

Friday, November 14, 2008

Doll quilt

Here is Sienna with her new dolls quilt that i whipped up today. I still need to quilt around each square but have run out of white cotton. I saw the pattern in the new "Patchwork and Stitching" magazine using charm squares. I already had some charm squares that i had brought from Runaway quiltbook and they were perfect for a dolly quilt

WIP- Shaggy edged Quilt

So here it is... finally all cut out and ready to sew. It took a little while to work out which colours looked best together and i decided to keep it all in order not crazy colours everywhere as the pattern suggested

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I always have a few books on the go, at the moment i am reading Multiple Blessings. I am really liking this book. I already love there show Jon and Kate plus 8!!!! I have read a lot of criticism of them on the web, but i think they do a great job and there kids are so darn cute.
Also reading "The Valley " by Di Morrissey and " He'll Be Ok" by Celia Lashlie.

Craft projects

Ok so im going to post all my crafty things that i have on the go some started some not
Knitting :

  • Sienna school scarf
  • Scrunchable scarf ( pink Malabrigo)
  • Baby cardigan ( Bamboo)
  • Lily Cardigan
  • Bailey Scarf
  • Noah scarf

Sewing ;

  • Shaggy edge Quilt
  • Doll quilt
  • Doll nappies
  • Lily Dress
  • Friends cushion
  • Entranceway hanging
  • patchwork bag

Im sure all that will keep me busy for a while lol......

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here is the birthday boy earlier this year

Happy Birthday Bailey

9 years ago today i was Blissed out after the Birth of my first son Bailey. He was 9lb 3oz and i was shocked that he was such a big baby and that we had created a little person.
Happy Birthday Bais!!!!! It has been a lovely 9 years !!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my new blog

Hello everyone, i started this blog so i can remember all the funny things my kids do and the sewing things i have completed.