Reading 2009-2014

Reading 2014
  • 20.Growing up Duggar- Duggar family (book)
  • 19. Girl 43- Maree Giles
  • 18.Fatal Impact- Kathryn Fox
  • 17. After the Fall- Kylie Ladd
  • 16.Swimming in the Dark-Paddy Richardson( book)
  • 15.Tempting Fate - Jane Green (kindle)
  • 14. Tiddas- Anita Heiss
  • 13. Being Jade- Kate Belle (Kindle)
  • 12.Snake Bite- Christie Thompson (Kindle)
  • 11.Buying Thyme- TJ Hamilton(Kindle)
  • 10. The Old School - P M Newton ( kindle)
  • 9.Lies you wanted to hear - James Whitfield Thomson
  • 8.A Christmas Gift -Monica McInerney(kindle)
  • 7.Hate is such a strong word - Sarah Ayoub ( kindle)
  • 6. Deserving Death - Katherine Howell(kindle)
  • 5.Foster Parenting A Personal Journey-Francine Hardaway (kindle)
  • 4.Hades-Candice Fox (iBook)
  • 3.The heaven I swallowed- Rachel Hennessy (book)
  • 2.The Darkness Gathers - Lisa Unger(book)
  • 1.Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult (reread - book)
Reading 2013

  • 22.Promise-Tony Cavanaugh
  • 21.Is it Just me- Chrissie Swan
  • 20.Dead Heat-Kathleen Brooks
  • 19.Risky Shot-Kathleen Brooks
  • 18. Will you Love me- Cathy Glass
  • 17.No Place Like Home- Caroline Overington
  • 16.The First Lie- Diane Chamberlain
  • 15.Sinister Intent- Karen M Davis
  • 14.Ripples on a pond-Joy Dettman
  • 13. Currawong Creek- Jennifer Scoullar
  • 12.The Twelve tribes of Hattie- Ayana Mathis
  • 11.Laid Bare -Jesse Fink
  • 10.D is for Deadbeat- Sue Grafton
  • 9.Please Dont Take my Baby-Cathy Glass
  • 8.Fifty Bales of Hay- Rachel Treasure
  • 7.Into My Arms-Kylie Ladd
  • 6.Losing February-Susanna Freymark
  • 5.Web of Deceit - Katherine Howell
  • 4.Lone Wolf- Jodi Picoult
  • 3.Out of the Blue- Joanna Fincham
  • 2.Bluegrass State of Mind- Kathleen Brooks
  • 1. Damaged- Cathy Glass

  • Reading 2012
    • 23. Story So Far - Shannon Noll
    • 22. Cold Grave - Kathryn Fox
    • 21. Hidden - Cathy Glass
    • 20. Growing Great Families- Fiona Rossiter
    • 19. Mixed Blessings - Deborah Lee
    • 18. Another Place At The Table- Kathy Harrison
    • 17. Fifty Shades Darker- E.L.James
    • 16. One Small Boat- Kathy Harrison
    • 15. Lola's Secret-Monica McInerney
    • 14.Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L James
    • 13. Angel Fire- Lisa Unger
    • 12.The Light Between Oceans-M.L Stedman
    • 11.Becoming Sister Wives - Brown Family
    • 10.The Cross Country Quilters- Jennifer Chiaverini
    • 9.Bloom-Kelle Hampton
    • 8. Prime Cut-Alan Carter
    • 7.The Wind in the Wires-Joy Dettman
    • 6. C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton
    • 5. How It Feels- Brendan Cowell
    • 4. Silent Fear- Katherine Howell
    • 3. The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks
    • 2. B is for Burgalar- Sue Grafton
    • 1.The Boy in Striped Pyjamas- John Boyne

    Reading 2011
    19.A is for Alibi- Sue Grafton
    18. The Decision- Penny Vincenzi
    17.A Love that Multiplies- The Duggars
    16. Nanberry- Jackie French
    15.A Stolen Life- Jaycee Dugard
    14. A Little Bird Told Me- Kasey Chambers/Jeff Apter
    13.Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes- Eleanor Coerr
    12.The Girl Next Door- Elizabeth Noble
    11. Sing you Home- Jodi Picoult
    10.Jessie Mei Mei- SharonGuest/Stuart Neal
    9.Kardashian Konfidential- Kardashian Sisters
    8.Planning With Kids-Nicole Avery
    7.The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
    6.Moth to the flame-Joy Dettman
    5.Hopetoun Wives-Fran Cusworth
    4. Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer
    3. The Third Day,The Frost- John Marsden
    2.The Dead of the Night- John Marsden
    1.Room - Emma Donoghue

    Reading 2010
    36.Violent Exposure- Katherine Howell
    35.The Best Of Times - Penny Vincenzi
    34.Miles To Go- Miley Cyrus
    33.Got You Back- Jane Fallon
    32.Sane womans Guide to Raising A Large Family- Mary Ostyn
    31.Death Mask- Kathryn Fox
    30. Thorn On the Rose-Joy Dettman
    29.The Short Secret Life of Bree Tanner-Stephanie Meyer
    28.Sliding Into Home- Kendra Wilkinson
    27.The Way We Were- Elizabeth Noble
    26.Tomorrow When the War Began- John Marsden
    25.Cold Justice- Katherine Howell
    24.BSC The Summer Before- Ann M Martin
    23.Thrill City- Leigh Redhead
    22.Watch The World Burn- Leah Giarratano
    21.Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer
    20.I Just Want You To Know- Kate Gosselin
    19.Foursome- Jane Fallon
    18.Round Robin- Jennifer Chiaverini
    17.In The Mood- Laura Bloom
    16.The Young Widows Book of Home Improvement- Virginia Lloyd
    15.This is How- MJ Hyland
    14.House Rules- Jodi Picoult
    13.The Valley- Di Morrissey
    12.The Quilters Apprentice- Jennifer Chiaverini
    11.The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta
    10.The Drowning Girl- Margaret Leroy
    9.Pearl In A Cage- Joy Dettman
    8.Club Dead- Charlaine Harris
    7.Olive Kitteredge-Elizabeth Strout
    6.Mao's Last Dancer- Li Cunxin
    5.Living Dead in Dallas- Charlaine Harris
    4.Die For You- Lisa Unger
    3.Hey Mum, What's a Half-Caste? - Lorraine McGee-Sippel
    2.Kiss of Death- PD Martin
    1.Dear Miffy - John Marsden TF- reread

    Reading 2009
    26 Stolen Innocence- Elissa Wall
    25 Dead Until Dark- Charlaine Harris
    24 Blood Born- Kathryn Fox
    23 The Secret Live of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd
    22 The Slap- Christos Tsiolkas
    21 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society- May Ann Shaffer/Annie Barrows
    20 The 19th Wife- David Ebershoff
    19 Breakout- How i escaped the exclusive Bretheran- David Tchappat
    18 We Dont Live Here Anymore- Matt Nable
    17 Her Mothers Thighs- Dara Chadwick
    16 Class- Jane Beaton
    15 Black Ice- Leah Giarratano
    14 New Moon- Stephenie Meyer
    13 The Spare Wife- Alex Witchel
    12 Shattered- Gabrielle Lord
    11 The Help- Kathryn Stockett
    10 Twilight- Stephenie Meyer
    9 Louder Than words- Jenny McCarthy
    8 The Other Country- Michael Whelan
    7 20 Kids and Counting- Duggar Family
    6 Matters of the Heart- Jodi Picoult
    5 Biting the Big Apple- Bella Vendremini
    4 He'll Be Ok- Celia Lashlie
    3 Multiple Blessings- Kate Gosselin
    2 Whats happening to our girls
    1 Comfort food - Kate Jacobs