Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Gathering- Block 1

Because i cant help but have a few different things on the go i started the quilt "A Family Gathering" By Anni Downs. Its a lot of fun, all the applique is blanket stitched by hand which i like to do while I'm watching TV..... this is the first of many blocks (it might take me a while lol)

WIP-Baileys d9p

This is my first "BIG" quilt , well its the biggest i have done.... the pattern is just a disappearing nine patch add a couple of borders and there you have it.
Very frustrating manoeuvring the big lump of a thing around the machine but I'm enjoying it none the less.

Charli's Quilt!!!

Well it was Charli's birthday way back i April and i made her a shaggy quilt but forgot to blog it and didn't take any pictures. So i borrowed this picture from my sis(Thanks). I love this fabric range "Heart to Heart" so pretty and colourful


Just finished Shattered by Gabrielle Lord...... i have no idea what to start next maybe one of the 15 books in my pile waiting to be read lol. Or i could wait for the order i put in from the book depository to come because i "had" to have them