Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Life 2014

Here is my cover page and first layout of Project life..... sorry about the blurry photos that was accidental but actually serves the purpose of not identifying some children :)

I think im really going to enjoy this project , I already love taking more photos, spending time sorting through photos , editing them and resizing.

I have been using the free version of Picmonkey which is super easy to use.... I watched Monica Bradfords video here which is super helpful :))

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noah Lawrence

We celebrated Noahs 10th birthday last week ... Happy Birthday !!!!
He was excited to receive a new bike, a fishing rod and a 2ds and an extra special surprise of tickets to go Circus Oz in Sydney ( more on circus oz in another post )

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another crafty hobby ....

I have started another craft ...
Just to do in my spare time , at least once a week .
I have been collecting "Project Life " goodies for the last few months so I good start in 2014 ...
The bits and bobs for project life are so gorgeous and hard to resist too ... But like all good crafting it's good too have a stash :))
I have never been a scrapbooker and this looked like a great way to document our lives :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

A start....

I have made a start on my reading challenge with my first reread- Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult . I was trying to work out when I read it the first time and my guess is about 11 years ago .
11 years ago I only had 2 kids who were 3 and 2 and I had lots more time to read :)) 
Now hubby and I have expanded to  7 babies and 4 fur babies my reading time may be less but my heart is fuller ( not full though... always room for more )
Note that my copy is very well loved I lent all my Jodi Picoult books out lots as too hate the love .

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Reading

  • 22.Promise-Tony Cavanaugh
  • 21.Is it Just me- Chrissie Swan
  • 20.Dead Heat-Kathleen Brooks
  • 19.Risky Shot-Kathleen Brooks
  • 18. Will you Love me- Cathy Glass
  • 17.No Place Like Home- Caroline Overington
  • 16.The First Lie- Diane Chamberlain
  • 15.Sinister Intent- Karen M Davis
  • 14.Ripples on a pond-Joy Dettman
  • 13. Currawong Creek- Jennifer Scoullar
  • 12.The Twelve tribes of Hattie- Ayana Mathis
  • 11.Laid Bare -Jesse Fink
  • 10.D is for Deadbeat- Sue Grafton
  • 9.Please Dont Take my Baby-Cathy Glass
  • 8.Fifty Bales of Hay- Rachel Treasure
  • 7.Into My Arms-Kylie Ladd
  • 6.Losing February-Susanna Freymark
  • 5.Web of Deceit - Katherine Howell
  • 4.Lone Wolf- Jodi Picoult
  • 3.Out of the Blue- Joanna Fincham
  • 2.Bluegrass State of Mind- Kathleen Brooks
  • 1. Damaged- Cathy Glass

  • I'm a little disappointed that I only read 22 books this year but also wonder when I got time to read 22 whole books :)) 

    19 of these books were on my Kindle which surprises me as I questioned the need for a Kindle because I didn't think I would like it as much as a real book. I do like it , its light to hold and its so easy to keep buying books for it .

    I don't usually set myself many challenges in the reading department but for 2014 I'm going too..... My goals are to read at least 30 books - 10 of which need to be real hard copies . Also would like to read at least 3 books that I have read previously and loved :)))
    Hopefully they are achievable and hell if their not I will have fun trying !!!!