Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little bit of sewing....

Sewing had taken a backseat to Christmas for the past few weeks but today i started to quilt Caden's quilt.
It was nice to get to the machine :)

Beans Beans Beans !!!!!

A few days ago we got our first crop of beans :) Havent had a chance to eat them yet but we will be tonight .
We have had oodles of rain and hopefully we will get some heat and sun and get the rest of the veges growing faster .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Lily

Two years ago my darling husband gave me a Christmas Lily for Christmas ( obviously) it really is the gift that keeps on giving.
So today the weather here is extremely windy, stormy and quite cold and of course the lilies decided to open up today, so i snapped a few pictures .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing too Crafty

I haven't been too much crafting here over the last couple of weeks ...... this jigsaw has been taking up a lot of my spare minutes.
My husband is an avid Holden fan and has had this jigsaw for ages but never got around to doing it , so i thought i would give it a go :)
We plan on getting it framed and hanging it on the wall sometime after Xmas.
I actually forgot how much i liked Jigsaws so i might do a couple more in 2011 , it is very relaxing.

Miss Lily

Miss Lily recently turned 5, hard to believe that my baby is 5.
Lil absolutely loves baby!!!! So my baby nephew gets lots and lots of love from her.
Yesterday at preschool they had there end of year Xmas Party and she was so excited to bring home her portfolio and the book that Santa had given her.
Her book is "The First Christmas Story" and is a lovely story , her portfolio is awesome the effort and time the teachers put into these is amazing, they are very much appreciated and will be well looked at for years to come.
She was very excited because she asked Santa for a pram for her baby and he said yes if she is very good..... Lucky Santa has that one all wrapped up :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finger Buns

This was one of my creations today , believe it or not i have never baked bread before.
So i decided to make these yummy scrummy finger buns, in hindsight i should have made a double batch because they didn't last long.
Next time i will work on the shape of them a little more but really it didn't affect the taste at all.
I used THIS recipe , it worked a treat and has gone straight into my recipe book and I'm sure it will become a favourite.

Xmas Gifts

I am super un organised with teachers gifts this year . my plan was to buy terracotta pots and pot flowers in them but i left it a little late.
So this evening i baked some Choc fudge slice and lemon slice and wrapped them up in some pretty cellophane.
We made a total of 12 packages for teachers, teacher aides and all the preschool teachers, i hope they like them.