Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Baby Sittters Club

When i was a young girl in primary school The Baby Sitters Club by Ann M Martin were my absolute favourite books in the whole world. I used to hang out for bookclub every month to get the newest book out. I still have all my copies in a box waiting for my daughters to hopefully love them too.
So i was so happy to see at our local library a new BSC book(prequel) actually i was ecstatic, its like coming home to an old friend.
After a bit of research i found that they are releasing the series again and the Prequel is the first one .
I think its great , i hope todays young girls get as much enjoyment out of the books as i have.


Car said...

I loved these books and have kept all mine for when DD gets older. I especially loved the specials she released (particularly the holiday to the beach!)

Lovely Lassy said...

OOOOOOH I loved them, sell them tooooo meeeeeeeeee!!! lol.
Wat age do you think the girls would start getting into them?
BTW I'm Claudia (is that how it was spelt? )
Gong to start collecting again!

Jessica said...

mine too! i used to flip through them at the library just to see what Claudia was wearing..