Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Be Read Books

After my WIP of sewing projects i decided to do a list of books that i have here ready to be read......

I'm going to TRY and not buy anymore books until this list is considerably shorter ( very hard task :P)

1/ What Alice Forgot- Alice Moriarty
2/ Death Mask- Kathryn Fox - Finished
3/ The Dead Of The Night- John Marsden-Finished-
4/ Breaking Dawn- Stephanie Meyer - Finished
5/ The Winding Ways Quilt- Jennifer Chiaverini
6/ The Runaway Quilt- Jennifer Chiaverini
7/ Atonement- Ian McEwan
8/ Faces- Martina Cole
9/ 7th Heaven- James Patterson
10/ The Story Of Danny Dunn- Bryce Courtney
11/ Covet- Tara Moss
12/ Road To Paradise- Paulliina Simons
13/ The Girl Next Door- Elizabeth Noble
14/ The Best of Times- Penny Vincenzi-Finished
15/ Women of The Outback- Sue Williams
16/ Centre Stage- Judy Nunn
17/ We of The Never Never- Mrs Aeneas Gunn
18/ Rules- Jane Beaton
19/ Perfect Skin- Nick Earls
20/ The Cross Country Quilters- Jennifer Chiaverini
21/ Red Desert Sky- John Lomax III
22/ Heritage- Judy Nunn
23/ ToyBoy- Holly Hill
24/ Knit Two- Kate Jacobs
25/ One Fifth Avenue- Candace Bushnell
26/ Eat Me- Linda Jaivin
27/ Now or Never- Penny Jordan
28/ Territory- Judy Nunn
29/ The Glitter Game- Judy Nunn
30/ White Gardenia- Belinda Alexandra
31/ Australia Street- Ann Whitehead
32/ Hopetoun Wives- Fran Cusworth-Finished

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Anonymous said...

Is that a list for the rest of the year? Or just an 'as long as it takes' list?