Monday, January 10, 2011

RIP Tiger and 2 new family members :)

It was a sad day on Friday (7 Jan )that we had to say good bye to our faithful friend Tiger , she lived to the grand old age of 15. She had just had enough and couldn't walk anymore so now she is in doggy heaven :(.

A week before that we added to our zoo with two new miniature lop bunny rabbits. So introducing Ashes and Ebony, they are very cute and really placid.


Anonymous said...

Awww.... Rest In Peace Tiger. It's no fun saying goodbye to special pets. We will be having our faithful dog Tilly put to sleep tomorrow. We've only had her for just under 5 years (since she was a pup)... but took her to the vet yesterday cause she hasn't been well and she's riddled with cancer. So hard to say goodbye.

MY SPACE said...

Oh, RIP Tiger, very sad. I hope you are all doing ok and not missing him too much! Your new pets are very cute!!!