Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Jane Cross Stitch

I have seen this cross stitch on a few different blogs over the last few months and finally caved in and added it to my collection .
I found it HERE at The Village Patch.Check it out they have so many beautiful patterns .
I havent done any cross stitch for a long time and never one this big so it will be a challenge .


Anonymous said...

Ooohh..... I'm so excited for you! This is one that I've got planned one day... haven't caved yet and bought the pattern yet though!!

MY SPACE said...

WOW! Looks wonderful, I still need to get past about block 6 of my DJ quilt!

Kate said...

oooo it looks lovely!
and I am most excited about the blanket project.
its been so cold here the past few nights a knitted blanket would have been perfect.

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Have fun stitching. Looks fantastic.

Diann said...

Hi. I suspect that this cross stitch will take a while. I started the DJ quilt a few years back and stalled on it quickly. Maybe I'll get back to it someday. (but I suspect you will finish the cross stitch before I ever finish the quilt.)