Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baileys Quilt!!!!

Much to Baileys delight i recently finished his d9p ( disappearing nine patch). It is my first real big quilt and definitely my first binding. I'm pretty happy with it. It started out as a single bed quilt but he now has a queen size bed so its now a throw on his bed.


Bec said...

Love the colours in this quilt, it looks fantastic!

Kesenya said...

Oh this quilt is simply lovely ! You are very talanted....I wouldnt dare try a quilt - it's easier to hide my mistakes in a dress than when every square has to match up perfectly !! I take my hat off to all the quilters out there !!! Thankyou also for your lovely comment on my blogg - enjoy the yummy lemon tastes best with fresh lemons !