Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twilight / New Moon

When i first heard about these books i wasn't interested at all... Vampires are definitely not my thing. But i gave in and brought "Twilight" and actually liked it. It will never be one that was on top of my list but definitely enjoyable. Now i am reading "New Moon" and i think i like it more than "Twilight" so far. They do take me back to my high school days !!!!!


Ruth said...

I was the same as you! I endured #1, enjoyed #2, loved #3 and am currently devouring #4. They've really grown on me.

Chaotic Jupiter said...

OMG I have read them all too! They are quite terribly written but something about them just hooked me in (and I am not even a mushy romantic person). I think this is definitely a topic for discussion next patchwork class!