Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reading 2014

Reading 2014

  • 20.Growing up Duggar- Duggar family (book)
  • 19. Girl 43- Maree Giles
  • 18.Fatal Impact- Kathryn Fox
  • 17. After the Fall- Kylie Ladd
  • 16.Swimming in the Dark-Paddy Richardson( book)
  • 15.Tempting Fate - Jane Green (kindle)
  • 14. Tiddas- Anita Heiss
  • 13. Being Jade- Kate Belle (Kindle)
  • 12.Snake Bite- Christie Thompson (Kindle)
  • 11.Buying Thyme- TJ Hamilton(Kindle)
  • 10. The Old School - P M Newton ( kindle)
  • 9.Lies you wanted to hear - James Whitfield Thomson
  • 8.A Christmas Gift -Monica McInerney(kindle)
  • 7.Hate is such a strong word - Sarah Ayoub ( kindle)
  • 6. Deserving Death - Katherine Howell(kindle)
  • 5.Foster Parenting A Personal Journey-Francine Hardaway (kindle)
  • 4.Hades-Candice Fox (iBook)
  • 3.The heaven I swallowed- Rachel Hennessy (book)
  • 2.The Darkness Gathers - Lisa Unger(book)
  • 1.Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult (reread - book)
Well I didn't get near as many books read as I would have liked too :)) So this year I am going to work harder on my reading goals and try to get at least 30 read .
I have so many books on my shelf waiting to be read and so many on my Kindle and Ibook app .... I just keep buying them when I see them :))

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AJ said...

That's a good list. Do you review your books? I have high hopes of an improved reading goal this year too!